Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Catty Micro-Reviews

As previously promised. A fun exercise--well, for me, anyway! I hope you enjoy it. I'm going to pick some random clips from YouTube and do one-sentence reviews. I'll just type 'a' into the search window and pick the first music that comes up, then 'b', then 'c' and so on.

Great commercial for jewelry, real estate, make-up, automobiles, more jewelry, clothes, more make-up, dark glasses, more clothes... what do you mean it's a song?

A rap song with a sense of history---and waaaay too much bling.

I almost played in this back in the early 70s. Here's the review: Oh mama, can this really be the end, to be trapped inside a bad piano lesson with the Memphis blues again...

Why, it's so ... pretty ... just like Bach on Xanax.

For 'e' the first thing that came up was the classic Ben E. King song "Stand By Me"--way too good for this exercise, so I kept going and picked this one:

Light Italian rock with just a frisson of flamenco in the vocal served with honey, chocolate and syrup--and the pictures are scarier than the music.

Whoa, apparently 'f' is not a letter you want to mess with on YouTube. Moving right along to 'g':

Pachelbel on Xanax walks into a smoke-filled jazz club and knocks back three shots of tequila, plus, shouldn't this video be illegal?

Ok, Phil Glass is trying to cross the street, but gets hit by a semi-trailer loaded to the roof with Pachelbel CDs.

The love-child of Bob Marley and Donovan.

We're chicas! Coquetas! Muchachas! With great hair! And makeup! And we're really cute!

Now I'm exhausted. There is so much pop music out there and most of it sounds like all the rest.

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