Friday, July 15, 2011

The Case of Lady Gaga

I first ran across her about a year ago when Ann Althouse posted "Bad Romance" on her blog. Odd, I know, to make pop discoveries on a law professor's blog, but Ann is special. Here is "Bad Romance":

I also discovered this version:

That's worth listening to just to separate the elaborate video production from the music. You might have noticed that I usually pick clips that have no video, just a still photo or perhaps the score. That's the reason. I'm assuming we want to focus on the music. Of course, with pop these days, it isn't usually possible except by not watching. At first I thought the song and the artist were quite interesting--talking about the Lady Gaga original. I was struck by the baroque framing: it starts and ends with electric harpsichord. True, in the middle it's all latex, teasing and hip thrusts. But it's an original look and I think it's not a bad pop song. The bar is pretty low these days! But as I saw other of her videos like Telephone I started losing interest. I like this cover better than the original. When in doubt, send in the Marines!

And one of these days I'm afraid that an item of clothing is going to eat her, ending a promising career...


Wizard said...

That lady Gaga opening with the baroque harpsichord is the opening of Bach's B minor Fugue from Book I, right?

Bryan Townsend said...

Good catch, Wizard! Thanks. It sounded familiar but I didn't notice that it was that fugue subject. Much quicker tempo than you usually hear it. She also used part of the Pathétique sonata by Beethoven in another video.