Monday, November 17, 2014

Proposed Posts

I'm afraid I don't have anything much for you this morning, but tomorrow I will be continuing with my series of posts on the concerto.

I notice something interesting, though: three years ago I did a post on "Voiles", the piano prelude by Debussy, and it keeps attracting page views year after year. I wonder why that is? It is a fascinating piece, true, but not one that you would expect to attract nearly 1500 page views! The post is an analysis of the structure of the piece, which is largely based on the whole-tone scale. You also wouldn't expect something so theoretical to attract so much ongoing attention. Or would you? So I want to ask my readership, are you particularly interested in these theoretical posts? Would you be interested in more of them? What if I did a series of posts on the Debussy preludes? Please let me know in the comments.

I am often surprised at how many composers (and music critics) read my blog, so here is your chance to speak out.

And that means our envoi should be this, the prelude by Debussy titled "...des pas sur la neige":


Anonymous said...

Being a music student, I would be interested in reading posts on theoretical subjects. The more, the better !

Bryan Townsend said...

That's good enough for me!