Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"You can still write an average rap song"

This is one video clip that HAD to be shared:



Rickard said...

Haha, it's so professional, good joke. But seriously, what if there would be a pill, not to lower, but to raise IQ. What if everyone suddenly became very smart (lets say it would work to IQ of 130, i.e. what is today considered "very superior" level)?

Bryan Townsend said...

Now that's an interesting thought. There may even be people working on something like that.

But I think that, even more important than IQ, is something that in French is called "intellectual formation" or training in how to think. There is nothing so common as a very intelligent person being completely blinkered by a limiting set of intellectual assumptions to the point that everything they do is likely to cause negative rather than positive effects. I think George Orwell said something like there are some things so ridiculous that only an intellectual could believe them!

But this takes us a bit away from music and I hesitate to put forth opinions in areas that I am not expert in...