Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beatles' Vocal Tracks

One measure of just how important the Beatles were is the amount of material that is available. We have the big Anthology and associated CDs of early and alternate versions of a lot of songs. We have books on their equipment and even one that recounts what they did every single day they were together as a group. But today I ran across something particularly interesting: a clip of just the vocal tracks of the side two medley from Abbey Road.

UPDATE: The original link seems to have gone astray so I can't embed, but this link should take you to the clip:

They really had it all, didn't they? Two of the finest songwriters ever in the English language, Paul and John, a very original guitar player (George) and probably the most creative drummer in rock and roll (Ringo). On top of all that, they could really sing.


Logan said...

Are you aware this is your 999th post?

Logan said...

Sorry, not this one. I meant to comment on the Leonard Cohen one.

Bryan Townsend said...

Yes, I know that the Leonard Cohen post was my 999th one. I have already written the next one. Be up tomorrow morning. Thanks for alerting me! I know from my blogger dashboard. But how did you know? Oh, right, you just have to add up the numbers from the archive.