Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guarnerius Returned

I usually stay away from current events  because I want the posts on this blog to be interesting to read no matter when you stumble across them. But last month I did put up a story about  the confiscation of a Guarnerius violin by zealous customs officials in Germany. Here is that post. The latest news from Tokyo is that Yuzuko Horigome will have her violin returned to her as she has submitted the required paperwork. This is good to hear, but I still don't think I will be flying to Germany with my guitar any time soon! You see, I don't have any paperwork. I have owned my guitar for twenty-nine years, but there was no paperwork involved at any time. I purchased it from the builder, who gave me no receipt, nor did I ask for one. I have traveled to quite a few countries in the past, playing concerts and no-one ever asked for any paperwork. What possible documents could be created at this stage?

When society decides to bureaucratize all aspects of life, there are a lot of unintended (or are they unintended?) consequences. Maybe we should question this from time to time. Here is a little Paganini for violin and guitar:

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