Sunday, September 23, 2012

Asian Pop!

Occasionally while doing my "catty micro-reviews" I have run across pop artists from Asia: sometimes interesting, sometimes bizarre (at least relative to what we are used to). But there is one viral South Korean video that is worth having a look at. Psy with Gangnam Style!

As of this morning, that is up to over 250,000,000 views on YouTube! On first viewing it seems like something from another universe, but it gets funnier after a couple of viewings and you may, as I did, find yourself calling out "Gangnam Style!" and cackling maniacally for no good reason. This is a kind of humor that music is particularly good at. Think Robin Williams at his most manic. Not to everyone's taste? You bet!

For a different kind of Asian pop music, have a look at this Japanese video:

The leader, Genki Sudo, is a retired martial arts champion. He writes the songs and creates the choreography. No special effects, by the way, they just do all those moves.

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