Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Townsend: Cinco Preludios by Pujol, No. 3

Máximo Diego Pujol likes the occasional pun as in the title of his third prelude: Tristango en vos. As he explains, "tristango" is a portmanteau word combining the words "tango" and "triste" (sad). The "en vos" means "in you" and is a reference to the including of the key in some titles, such as "Symphony in D". Again, the prelude is in two sections, an opening slow tango and a contrasting vivace (lively) section. The form is slow, quick, slow, quick. When the slow section returns it is first in a varied form, with the melody very high, then in its original form. Here is the piece accompanied by a photo of Pujol, the first page of the score, tango dancers and a photo of myself.

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