Monday, October 15, 2012

605th Post

Again I missed an important milestone over the weekend. Since beginning this blog in June of 2011, I have, as of this post, put up 605 posts. This may not seem like much as I know of blogs that have tens of thousands of posts. But a lot of those are short posts and I tend to get into medium length essay territory.

A lot of people seemed to enjoy reading my 502nd post retrospective where I talked a bit about the kinds of things that a blogger can get out of this. A blog is a kind of public diary or journal and it enables you to see things from new perspectives.

In this post I would like to do something slightly different. Previously I have pointed to posts that were important for some reason. What I would like to do here is point you to some posts that might not have attracted much attention at first. I have some categories:

Humorous Posts:

Musicological Musings:
That should keep you amused for a while! Now for some music to end with. Yesterday I put up a post about R. Murray Schafer and the Globe and Mail. One of the on-going problems with the arts in Canada is that the avenues for artists to become known are so very limited. What the CBC and the Globe and Mail decide are important become, for most Canadians, the accepted wisdom. In the public consciousness someone like R. Murray Schafer is the very epitome of composition in Canada. Why? Because the CBC and the Globe and Mail keep telling us so. But the truth is, there are a lot of composers in Canada and some of them write music that is far more lively, inventive and charming than, well, the more well-known ones! One of these is Anthony Genge who hails from Vancouver originally but has spent most of his career teaching in Nova Scotia. Here is his piece New Hockets II which I have put up before:

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