Monday, April 23, 2018

More Echoes

The incident I mentioned in my Friday Miscellanea, the giving of an ECHO award to anti-semitic rappers, keeps having repercussions. Now Barenboim, Thielemann and Jansons are returning their awards as well. Barenboim puts it:
anti-Semitism, misogyny, homophobia, and the open contempt of allegedly weaker and more discriminating minorities are an abuse of freedom that we as a society can never tolerate, and we must stand united against such voices and not encourage them by giving them prizes and legitimising them
The links go to items on the Slipped Disc website and there is a long and interesting comment thread on the first link. The prolific commentator John Borstlap wrote:
Strangely, these developments – which began their trajectory in the sixties of the last century – are one influential result of democracy, emancipation movements, and the ideas that there are no general standards in terms of behavior, manners, development, education etc. etc. because they are supposed to exclude people unjustly. So, the impulse to liberate the masses from their position (definitely much exploited in former times), is resulting in unleashing the untamed primitive instincts across the board, since in terms of numbers the underdeveloped are more numerous. Hence Trump, brexit, AfD in Germany, Pegida, populism everywhere, fake news addiction, etc.
Which raises a lot of interesting questions. Does liberating the masses mean liberating them from things like higher culture and classical music?


Will Wilkin said...

ECHO prize scrapped following antisemitic rap complaints:


The ECHO prize has been scrapped by the German music industry body which runs it following sustained criticism for giving an award to a rap duo with lyrics seen as antisemitic. A number of artists returned their awards in protest, including recipients of the ECHO Klassik, a separate ceremony and process run by the same organisation.

The following statement was publish on the ECHO website:


[Click link above, the statement is brief and interesting. --WW]

Bryan Townsend said...

Thanks, Will. That is an excellent summary. I would not be averse to sacking a few other awards that have, in recent years, become mere vehicles for virtue-signalling: the Academy Awards, the Pulitzer Prize, the Nobel Peace Prize, etc.