Monday, May 30, 2016

Street Performers in Madrid

Yes, there are some, but fewer than I expected. There were these guys, who when I passed were playing "Moon River" on violin and guitar:

Then there was this guy, playing "Strangers in the Night":

I could not figure out how this guy did this:

I couldn't see any wires or bars. But he must have had something, because he was hanging there quite easily with one hand on the bike.

This was easily the creepiest street performer and guitarist I have ever seen:

Zombie guitarist was playing freeform jazz with excessive reliance on chords with a major 7th. But how did he do this? The head is obviously false, but the hands and feet are real. The actual person's head and shoulders must be in the backpack. But it was a very convincing, and creepy, illusion.

And there were some guys playing weird music on accordion. No actual Spanish music.

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