Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shostakovich is Harry Potter

This is the funniest thing I have seen this morning:

It's actually true. If you type the words "Shostakovich is..." into the Google search engine, the second thing that comes up is "Shostakovich is Harry Potter". The fourth thing that comes up is "Shostakovich is my homeboy" which is almost as disturbing.

This is one of a whole bunch of hilarious autocompletes courtesy of Google. Classical FM has collected them together here.

Here's another one of my favorites:

Classical music IS tight, yo!

Inexplicably, they forgot to do this obvious one:

Sadly, all of those are probably true. In university I knew one girl who only went out with guitarists.

Since we seem to be doing humor today, I remember a great moment in the film City of Angels with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan. I even managed to find it on YouTube. You have to watch until the end of the clip, but believe me, it's worth it:

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