Friday, September 30, 2011

200th Post

I just noticed this is the 200th post and I thought it was time I thanked my readers (who are also listeners thanks to the magic of YouTube and the Internet) and especially that small, select band of commentors who seem to be the most knowledgeable and polite on the web.

I just started this blog in June 2011, four months ago, and starting from zero, my readership has grown until now I estimate that I am being read in thirty or forty countries. Music may not be a universal language, but it is one that inspires universal interest. My readership is select, that is to say, small, but it seems to be growing and growing. I have had one Instalaunch (so far) which is what happens when the Blogfather, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit links to you: my readership multiplied by 100 times instantly.

If you read all of this blog, you might get a bit of a sense of what is going on now in music, a little music history and theory, lots of talk about composers like Bach and Beethoven, critiques of other composers, praise of the Beatles and critiques of most other pop music, discussion of issues of performance and composition and a little of my own career in music.

Interesting and entertaining, all of it! And speaking of interesting and entertaining:

Julian Bream, improvising with the sarod player Ali Akbar Khan in 1963. This was at least two years before George Harrison discovered Indian music!

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Anonymous said...

What an enchanting clip! Three extraordinary players (the tabla guy is no slouch himself) somehow finding common grounds. Gorgeous stuff!