Saturday, May 28, 2016

About the food

The food has been great. Even the food on the plane, Iberia, was pretty decent for airline food. I've had really great paella (and forgot to take a picture of the dish) in this restaurant:

And I did at least take a picture of the setting with a little appetiser:

And today I went to a tapas bar and had a great lunch. These places, while they serve lots of little tapas dishes, serve lots of other things too. I ordered stewed oxtail with rice and a glass of Rioja. First they brought me a little tapa, included at no extra charge:

Those are two little sausages, hot, a little roast potato and three tiny breadsticks. Here is the wine, holding down the menu.

I forgot to take a picture of the oxtail when it was served, but here is the aftermath:

The basic difference between a regular restaurant, which is just open during mealtimes, and tapas bars, which seem to be open all the time, is that the latter are more casual. Just grab a chair or stand at the bar. The regular restaurants are more dignified. The food is great at both kinds and neither are expensive.

Can't think of what would be the ideal musical envoi, but this, by composer and madrile├▒o Moreno Torroba should do. This is Torija from Castles of Spain played by Edoardo Catemario:


Anonymous said...

Ok, now that we're done with the food, we want to a full report on the fatricidal contest that just took place today. How's the mood in the streets? Joy on one side, tears on the other?

Christine Lacroix said...

Well Bryan, I've learned something else interesting about you from your trip to Spain. You can take good pictures! Looks like you're having fun and that camera was a good investment, even if you can't use it in museums.

Bryan Townsend said...

I went to the opera last night but walking back after, I think the match was still on. The mood in the streets was, uh, agitated? I see from the results this morning that my driver from the airport will be devastated as he is a supporter of Atl├ętico.

Thanks, Christine. It must be that whatchacallit, aesthetic gene. Yes, having a pretty decent camera really helps. No big honking lens, just a good digital camera.