Saturday, May 16, 2015

Awkward Musician Photos

If I had seen this yesterday it would have made the Friday miscellanea for sure! As it is, I can't resist sharing with you these "21 Extremely Awkward Band and Musician Photos".  It speaks well for the inherent good taste of classical musicians that only one of the 21 is of our tribe. And it causes me to offer profound thanks that there are no extant photos of any the bands I played in as a teenager. It was so long ago that it never even occurred to us to have photos taken! Here is a sample from the link, and, believe me, it is far from being the most awkward:

Beneath the layer of international celebrity there are hosts of striving musicians who, from time to time, demonstrate why they are musicians rather than, say, graphic designers?


Rickard Dahl said...

The one with the harp and the small tractor was pretty funny. Very unexpected.

Bryan Townsend said...

Yes, the only classical one. Some of the others were just scary!