Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Townsend: Sigüenza by Moreno Torroba

I have something a little different for you today. I ran across this video that a friend shot a few years ago. At the time I was playing all eight movements of Federico Moreno Torroba's Castles of Spain, a lovely set of pieces named after different, yes, castles in Spain. This movement is called "Sigüenza" which is a castle in northern Spain in the province of Guadalajara. This is a picture of it:

The somewhat impromptu performance was shot in one take in my studio and has a couple of minor flaws. But I hope you will enjoy it nonetheless!


Bridge said...

Nice playing. I wish the audio were better though since the instrument doesn't really have a chance to sing. Do you/have you played any Barrios?

Bryan Townsend said...

Thanks, Bridge! Just recorded with an ordinary video camera so the sound isn't so good. Yes, I have recorded some Barrios. Here is a post where I put up my recording of all three movements of his La Catedral: