Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Pick of the Top Ten Posts on the Music Salon

On the right hand side of the blog you will find the top ten most popular Music Salon posts. Some are obvious (the first one is simply because of a link from Instapundit, the blogfather), but others are a bit mysterious. In any case, here are ten posts that I think are very interesting ones from the blog.

10. Ten Little-Known, but Great, Pieces of Music

9. Learning Music as an Adult

8. Mirror Fugue/euguF rorriM

7. "Now do something with it!"

6. Form and the Formless

5. The Tyranny of the Backbeat

4. Townsend: Suite in A major, BWV 1007 by J. S. Bach

3.  Shostakovich String Quartet No. 10, op 118 (1964)

2. "You Complete Me"

1. Masterpieces of Music: François Couperin, le Grand

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