Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Musical Guilty Pleasures

Inspired by one of my commentators, let me share some of my musical guilty pleasures. Sometimes you are not in the mood for sublime transcendence. Or even charm and delight. Sometimes you want to hear something more somatic, something primal. For that, one looks to a different musical experience.

When I played rock music in a band, I liked this a lot. I still like it!

The Beatles managed to combine the somatic with musical complexity:

This is also a bit of both:

But this is more basic:

And so is this:

Nothing like an over-driven Strat... Here's something a little different:

The pickings are pretty slim recently, but maybe this:

Anyone have any to share?


Anonymous said...

Nice, very nice.

How many people know that the great Stevie Ray Vaughn himself played on the album version of Let's Dance?

I love Bob Dylan, especially when Jimi does the honors:


Bryan Townsend said...

I didn't know Jimi's version of Like a Rolling Stone. Thanks!

I have a story: way back in the 80s I owned David Bowie's Let's Dance album, which I quite liked. Some time later I heard Jennifer Warnes's album Famous Blue Raincoat (recording songs by Leonard Cohen) which I also quite liked. Finally I figured out one of the main reasons I liked them: Stevie Ray Vaughan plays guitar solos on both! This was the first I had heard him. You notice that that is not Stevie playing on the Serious Moonlight tour, though. Bowie offered him $300 a night and Stevie said no thanks!