Thursday, October 12, 2017

Top 100 Music Education Blogs

As a long time music educator myself, I was pleased to make the list of Top 100 Music Education Blogs as you can see at the top of the right-hand column. The blog is at #43 on the list, which includes a lot of blogs that you might be familiar with like Slipped Disc, Alex Ross' The Rest Is Noise, Anne Midgette's column at the Washington Post, Musicology Now and so on. This was a surprise to me, but not an unwelcome one. Several years ago the blog was put on the list of music reference blogs by Cambridge University, but I just discovered that by accident. One hopes that this award will lead to a bit more traffic!

Let's celebrate with a Haydn symphony. This is one of his more exuberant ones, the Symphony No. 48 in C major, "Maria Theresa." The Academy of Ancient Music is conducted by Christopher Hogwood.


Marc Puckett said...

Congratulations, Bryan! There's certainly a wide range of interests exhibited by that list of one hundred, isn't there? hope its publication does indeed gain your wisdom and expertise a new audience! (I notice that your commenter Steven's blog Slugging a Vampire is on it too.)

Steven Watson said...

Congratulations! The Music Salon seems abuzz at the moment -- almost hard to keep up with all the posts and comments. It's a fantastic resource, possibly the busiest and most extensive (as well as most insightful) classical music blog around. The only really interesting statistic on the list was most posts per weeks, and with the exception of Slipped Disc, you seem to have the most.

Classical music is very well represented in the list -- I would have expected otherwise. Glad to see Future Symphony Institute up there too, among others. The only surprising omission is On An Overgrown Path, which being one of the oldest and well known classical music blogs surely deserves a place. Also somewhat strange not to see Corymbus on there.

That is kind of you, Marc, to point that out. I'm not sure how you found out, Bryan, but I had a message a few days ago and foolishly thought it was some scam. How pleasantly surprised I was to see your blog post!

David said...

Bryan, you might consider a reference to the October 14 entry at for your next Friday Miscellanea. This is the British based blog that was referred to in the comment above by Steven Watson. The October 14 content is a sobering, frightening commentary on what future historians may identify as a cause of the "fall of current "empires" of the modern world: the [Google] algorithm.

Christine Lacroix said...

Congratulations Bryan! Your website is stunning.

Bryan Townsend said...

Thanks to all for the kind words! And thanks David for the tip. I will indeed post that in the Friday Miscellanea.