Thursday, May 4, 2017

Madrid has everything!

Visiting a relative in Virginia Beach a couple of years ago, I discovered a fine fast food burger chain: Five Guys. Normally I don't like restaurant hamburgers, even or especially so-called "gourmet" ones, greatly preferring my own. But Five Guys had some great reviews so I dragged my sister there. Great place! So I'm walking down the Gran Via yesterday and what do I see?

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Yes! And it was doing a booming business:

My recommendations: if you do run across a Five Guys just order a simple burger or cheeseburger. This is already a double patty burger and even with just a bit of catsup, mustard, mayo and onion it is almost too messy to eat. Order a double and you get four patties! And keep the dressings to a minimum. Just order a small fries too as it is still a huge order (and half of them will end up in the bottom of the bag). Great fries, by the way. They use peanut oil. Yes, this is a fine hamburger.

Hm, is there a musical envoi suitable for this post? Perhaps something by Bob Dylan?


Hank Drake said...

Personally, I think Five Guys is overrated. Their burgers are OK, but in terms of Ohio fast food places, Rally's is far superior - to say nothing of local "gourmet" burger joints like B-spot. Plus, Five Guys always manages to get my order wrong - this has been the case at our three local restaurants.
Five Guys does have wonderful fries though.

Marc Puckett said...

Five Guys is very good indeed. Am guessing they aren't in San Miguel? :-)

Bryan Townsend said...

Oh yes, those fries are fantastic. Remember when MacDonald's and Burger King had decent fries? That was a loooong time ago! Sorry, I haven't eaten a burger in Ohio and haven't had one of the famous In-N-Out Burgers either, so I'm working from a limited data set. No there is no Five Guys in San Miguel. We've got a poor MacDonald's and a really crappy Burger King. Not even a KFC!

As for getting your order wrong, never happened to me. Must be something in the water affects the thought processes of the servers.