Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is Music Just the Soundtrack to Your Life?


Emphatically no!

You want a more detailed answer? Any music that would be a suitable soundtrack to your life is going to be as boring and undistinguished as your life. Any good music has better things to do.

I've been reading this article on the unbelievable narcissism that seems to be burgeoning more and more all the time. Trust me, Bach did not write the Art of Fugue as sonic decoration to your humdrum existence.

Sorry, but someone had to say it...

I feel barely worthy to even listen to that and sometimes I feel my head is about to explode from the sheer intricacy of it.


Nathan Shirley said...

Very true. Music, like any art is the polar opposite of the mundane.

Of course there is more bad music than good out there, and I've heard plenty which could accompany the mopping of floors.

Bryan Townsend said...


"Music for Mopping of Floors" is a well-known piece by one of the lesser minimalists...