Monday, June 4, 2012

A Music Salon Retrospective, Part 2

On the occasion of the first anniversary of this blog, I've been going back and looking over those first posts from a year ago. The first month, as I mentioned yesterday, had 47 posts! But last July I put up 73 posts. Since there were few readers back then, let's have a look at some of them. One of the most interesting was this one about music and narration in which I talk about the uncanny effects when you combine music with narration.

One of the themes of this blog is the necessity for good music criticism and I started that off with this post.

Here is a post about the function of rules in music.

Here's a fun post: my patented catty micro-reviews in which I bring up random clips from YouTube and do one-sentence reviews. Here is an example of one: "Phil Glass is trying to cross the street, but gets hit by a semi-trailer loaded to the roof with Pachelbel CDs." Now you just have to go see what music that could possibly be the review of, right?

Here is a post that talks about how music history tends to alternate between two basic ideas: "make it more complex" and "make it simpler".

Last July really had a lot of good posts and since they aren't topical, you can go read them anytime...

One post was devoted to the great Russian pianist Grigory Sokolov:

That was recorded live from a concert in Switzerland given last July, around when I was writing the post.

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