Saturday, June 16, 2018

Music in the 21st Century

This could become a series, maybe. Despite the growth of wireless connectivity, there are still a lot of cables in the world of music. Hence, this article: How to Tell a Loved One They’re Coiling Cables Wrong. Satire or not?
Coiling cables is an everyday part of live shows. When done incorrectly, however, it can be heartbreaking to watch a loved one, or often time a band mate, make the same mistakes over and over again. Know that you are not alone and help is available.
Hmm, sounds like satire.
Suggest ways to improve. It takes about three minutes to teach someone how to properly wrap up a 1/4″, but you are certainly not going to do it; you’ve got to spend 20 minutes later unknotting and correcting this person’s work. Instead, refer them to youtube where there are a plethora of instructional videos with more being added every 5 seconds.
Intervene if necessary. “No! Ugh, c’mon! Gimme that, just go take some more drums out to the van.”
Or, maybe not...

Let's have some music! From the idyllic, cable-free world of the 18th century, another of Haydn's baryton trios. Blogger doesn't want to embed, so just follow the link:


Will Wilkin said...

As an electrician, I can tell you that wire management is definitely an essential skill. To the extent that something is part of our ob, we need competency in it, even if it is not the most glorious or interesting aspect of our work. Because I work on roofs, the same things can be said about rope management. So why should it be any different for a professional musician who uses wires to connect their instruments and other equipment?

Bryan Townsend said...

I watched a YouTube video on the subtle skill of how to wind up computer cables once.