Monday, August 7, 2017

A Few Photos

I just got around to downloading some photos from my iPhone that were taken in the last couple of months. The first few were from my trip to Spain in May. Here is a lovely grilled sea bass in the local tapas bar:

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Now that's how to serve seafood! Also in the photo, a glass of sangria and a little tapas plate of sausage. This lovely government building (I think it is the Ministry of Agriculture) is right across from the Atocha train station in Madrid:

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Paella for one:

A little palm tree in flower in front of a huizache, a local thorny bush. This was taken a block from my house in Mexico. I bet you didn't know that palm trees had flowers?

The bell-tower of a local church:

If you get married in Mexico, there will be mariachi! This is a ten-piece band with four violins, two trumpets, two guitars, a bass guitar and a harp. And they all sing.

I suppose we need some mariachi music to end. This is the Mariachi Águilas with "Besame mucho":


Will Wilkin said...

Actually, my brother DID get married in Mexico, in the cathedral in Mexico City. I couldn't afford to be there....

Great pics, nice to see so many whole foods and some traditional architecture!

Bryan Townsend said...

Oh wow, that's a BIG cathedral.