Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lady with a harp

Here is something to look at while you are waiting for the Friday Miscellanea:

Lady with Harp by Eliza Ridgely Sully 1818

Why, I wonder, is there no constant drumbeat of articles in The Guardian about the shockingly disproportionate number of female versus male harpists? It is just as bad as that between male and female conductors


Will Wilkin said...

I quit reading the Guardian because they were so intent on aggravating identity politics. After all, I am a man who just 6 weeks ago invaded the supposed feminine sphere by buying a (medieval-style) harp. I am determined to teach myself to pluck some simple tunes and hymns, not out of any political drive to break the blue ceiling blocking my rise into celestial harpism, but simply out of love for the instrument. Everything we do should be out of love, right?

Bryan Townsend said...

Good for you Will! One of the finest harp players I know is a gentleman as well.