Sunday, August 7, 2016

All Along the Watchtower

I was going to make this an item in the upcoming Friday Miscellanea, but it is just a bit too interesting for that. Here is a very well-done video essay talking about the significance of Bob Dylan's song "All Along the Watchtower" that is possibly one of the greatest songs of all time:

I love the brief fragment of interview at the beginning:

Interviewer: "Do you think you will stick with folk-rock or will you go on into more writing?"
Dylan: "I don't play folk-rock."
Interviewer: "What would you call your music?"
Dylan: "I would call it, uh ... um..."

I have to remember that answer the next time someone asks me...

And here is the original song, which I bought on LP in the late 60s. Sorry, it is the Hendrix version, not Bob's original, which is not on YouTube. Jimi, being dead, doesn't have as many lawyers to keep track of copyright violations.

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