Saturday, December 5, 2015

1803 Posts Published!

I have been trying to keep track so I could announce the 1800th post, but I missed it! The Case of Henri Dutilleux was in fact the 1800th post, which is not inappropriate. The most popular blogs seem to be ones with small, frequent posts with brief commentary and lots of links such as Instapundit. But that is not the way I work. I like to post just one or rarely two every day with something substantial and lots of readers seem to like that. Just today I got a comment to that effect:
Long time reader here. I really appreciate the Composer-Survey posts you write wherein you assess a musician, his style, his techniques, his place among peers and his role in history. I've listened to Dutilleux Cello concerto and liked it immensely. Looking forward to the series.
You are very welcome and let me extend a thanks to all my readers. My traffic continues to grow and without me doing anything sensationalistic like some I could name (*Slipped Disc*), ahem. Turns out that there are a whole bunch of people who are interested in music and not just the pop stuff we are drenched with daily.

So, assuming you keep reading, I will keep posting, discovering new composers (new to me, at least) and striving to understand and appreciated music in its multi-faceted glory.

My singer, Hannah Pagenkopf, just emailed me to say that her favorite song from my set, Songs from the Poets, is "Goe and Catch a Falling Starre" with poem by John Donne. I kind of like it too, but it makes the guitar player do a lot of practicing. I posted it not long ago, but let's celebrate by listening to it again:


Ken Fasano said...

And I thought you were posting something from the early ninenteenth century! I appreciate the work you put into your posts, and look forward to reading them. I am looking forward to more about Schubert.

Bryan Townsend said...

Thanks so much Ken. A few of those posts were contributed by you!

Yes, I should do some more on Schubert most certainly.