Saturday, November 8, 2014

Music and Alcohol

Can't think of a label for this post, other than the title! Inspired by something someone said about Electronic Dance Music, I offer my list of what beverage to drink with what music:

  • Robert de Visée suites on Baroque guitar: a really, really old cognac
  • Bob Dylan: bourbon, or, for you young folks, applejack
  • J. S. Bach: a fine Moselle Kabinett
  • Leonard Cohen: an allongé and a cigarette
  • François Couperin, le grand: Clos Vougeot 1845
  • Joseph Haydn: a bottle of Tokaji Aszú, the older the better
  • Ludwig van Beethoven: personally, a bottle of Château Lafite 1955, but perhaps he would prefer a nice Viennese spring wine
  • Electronic Dance Music: vodka and Red Bull
  • Jean Sibelius: Lakka (Finnish cloudberry liqueur)
  • Bryan Townsend: Canadian ice wine
  • Janis Joplin: Southern Comfort
  • Peter Maxwell Davies: Laphroaig single-malt Scotch
Which gives us our envoi: Farewell to Stromness by Peter Maxwell Davies:

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