Friday, August 2, 2013

Why are Cellists always Beautiful?

They are, you know. After all those serious Beethoven posts, I feel the need to do quite a different kind of post. Here is exhibit one in my argument that cellists are always beautiful, even fictional ones. Here is Virginia Madsen in the role of Madeline Robistat in the movie Electric Dreams from 1984:

Well yes, musically there is a bit of a problem because they turned a little minuet by Bach from the Anna Magdalena book into 4/4 so they could get down and funky with it. But could you even find a more beautiful cellist? Let's try.

Here are a couple of Canadian cellists:

Shauna Rolston

Ofra Harnoy

Here is Teodora Miteva from Bulgaria:

Zoe Keating has more of a punk look:

British cellist Natalie Clein:

Anonymous cellist playing on the street in Florence, from a fashion blog:

Olivia Culpo, cellist, is perhaps better known as Miss Universe 2012:

It that doesn't convince you, nothing will...

UPDATE: Next up, so no-one can accuse me of favoritism: ruggedly handsome guitarists like Narciso Yepes:


Anonymous said...

Some of these cellists have a kind of beauty that makes grown men cry and young men go bananas over them! Now, would you say your statement also applies to, say, Pablo Casals, or Rostropovich? ;-)

Bryan Townsend said...

Years ago a friend of mine and I attended a recital by one of these beautiful young cellists. On our way out we ran into a violinist of our acquaintance--a very accomplished and seasoned violinist. We offered a critique of the recital which we had found to be rather lightweight. His response? "You were expecting maybe Rostropovich?"