Friday, November 4, 2011

Classical Eastern Music

In the comments to this post, Jon Silpayamanant, multi-talented cellist, and I, got into a fascinating discussion of genres, notation and Turkish music. He sent me this video of a performance in the Cairo Opera House, which is like a Middle Eastern cello concerto:

Here is Jon's blog, which is well worth having a look at.

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Jon Silpayamanant said...

Thanks, Bryan--this post of mine may help some folks understand the continuum between Western works written in Arabic style to actual Arabic repertoire:

And I absolutely made saw that analogy to this being an Arabic Cello Concerto in this post (which also includes another performance by the cellist from the same concert) here:

Hope this, in addition to the discussion we had, helps give some context for folks! And thanks for the mention!