Monday, October 31, 2011

Official Didgeridoo Performance Costs

I know you have been worrying about this: what will it cost to hire a didgeridoo player to lend just the right touch to your next visit to Australia? Well worry no more. Here, according to the government of New South Wales, is what it costs:


Didgeridoo players are frequently used in Welcome ceremonies to ‘call’ speakers, special guests and the audience to begin the ceremony. A didgeridoo player may also be used as a soloist in other parts of the ceremony.

Professional didgeridoo players, registered with an agent, charge a standard industry fee. Fees may be negotiable, according to individual performers needs and the type of performance required.

The National Musicians Enterprise Agreement, certified in July 2003, contains the following minimum rates for musicians.

Category 1 performer, for a minimum 3 hour performance:

3 x $104.00 per hour + $12.43 make up and costume allowance + $ 4.00 instrument allowance + $28.37 rehearsal rate.

Total cost is $356.80 per performance

Fees vary within the industry, from agent to agent and performer to performer. Agent fees, administration, transport and insurance costs may be charged on top of the award minimum.


Nature, an Aboriginal didgeridoo duo who were used extensively during NSW Centenary of Federation celebrations, charge between $450.00 to $800.00 per performance.

The EORA Centre for Visual and Performing Arts (TAFE) often assists with requests for student musicians/didgeridoo players. The EORA Centre recommends a minimum fee of $150.00 per performance.

If you can do that for the three hour minimum performance time, I admire your stamina!

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